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Humana Assistans AB's suspension decision remains unchanged

2023-03-14 15:20

The deadline for the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate’s ("IVO") appeal of the Administrative Court in Stockholm's suspension decision has expired. IVO has not submitted an appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court. This means that the suspension decision remains unchanged, and that Humana Assistans AB ("Humana Assistans") can continue to conduct operations while the legal process regarding IVO's decision to revoke Humana Assistans' permit continues in the Administrative Court.  

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Humana AB ("Humana") announced on 31 January 2023 that IVO had decided to revoke Humana Assistans' permit to conduct operations. On 2 February 2023, Humana announced that Humana Assistans had appealed the decision to the Administrative Court in Stockholm and filed a request for a suspension. On 7 February 2023, Humana announced that the Administrative Court had granted a suspension. The decision on suspension is now ensured after the deadline for IVO's possibility to appeal has expired.  

IVO’s decision and the events thereafter has brought negative consequences in the form of a reduced number of assistance customers. The decrease amounts to approximately 12% of the total number of customers in the Personal Assistance business area, corresponding to approximately SEK 480 million in reduced annual revenue.  

The legal process regarding IVO's decision to revoke Humana Assistans' permit to conduct operations continues in the Administrative Court in Stockholm.  

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