Humana has operating care facilities in Finland since 2016. The operations have thereafter grown considerably. Humana now offers daily services in individual and family care, elderly care and housing with special service to over 4,200 clients and customers in Finland.

In Finland, Humana offers individual and family care for children, adolescents and families with psychiatric diagnoses or psychosocial disorders. The services include outpatient care and residential care. Humana Finland also provides housing units with special services for people with functional disabilities, as well as elderly housing and day care operations for the elderly.

In individual and family care, Humana is one of the largest providers of outpatient care and residential care homes in Finland. Humana Finland operates approximately 160 units, has 4,200 clients and customers and 2,700 employees.

Humana in Finland experienced strong growth in 2019. Operations doubled when Humana acquired Coronaria Hoiva, a leading provider in elderly care and care homes. The acquisition has made Humana a more complete care provider in Finland.