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Individual & Family

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Humana is a leading individual and family care provider in Sweden. Our services can be found across the country, and we offer proven expertise in psychosocial problems and mental illness. By coordinating and planning the client’s care and treatments, we pave the way for better treatment results.

Individual & Family’s offering is organised into divisions: Children and Adolescents, Foster Homes and Outpatient Care, and Adults.

Children and Adolescents

For children and adolescents with psychosocial disorders and mental health issues, we assist in areas such as self-harm, neuropsychiatry, abuse, criminality and substance abuse. We have approximately 55 residential care homes and supported housing that can accommodate just below 500 clients in Sweden.

Foster Homes and Outpatient Care

We offer interventions in foster homes supported by contracted consultants and in outpatient care for children and adolescents from families with difficult challenges and complex needs, or who have problems with criminality and substance abuse. We can accommodate just over 750 children and adolescents in need of support.


Humana offers services for adults requiring support within social psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, comorbidity, forensic psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. We provide shortterm and special service housing, as well as residential care homes, approximately 30 units that can accommodate nearly 600 clients. In addition, Humana offers foster homes for adults.

Humana also offers housing with special services for adolescents and adults with functional impairments, as well as daily activities for adults with functional impairments. We have 14 residences with special services under LSS (Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments), which are managed under contract on behalf of municipalities, and just over 20 housing units under our own management.

Dynamic care for customised interventions

Clients can move seamlessly from one intervention to another, with a lower or higher level of support, as their needs change. Essentially it is about getting the right kind of support at the right time, and to the extent needed. We call this ‘dynamic care’. All Humana’s interventions can be part of a client’s dynamic care package. For example, a young client in residential care may be ready to move to a foster home or assisted living home with supervision, or an adult who needs continued support on a day-to-day basis might be offered a place in a group home. Dynamic care may appear simple on the surface, but a great deal of work goes into making sure the system functions effectively. Humana’s size, extensive expertise and internal coordination and flexibility allow us to customise interventions in this way and at the same time ease the planning burden on the
welfare system.