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Individual & Family’s offering is split into three divisions: Young, Family & Open Care and Adult.


For children and youths with psychosocial disorders and mental health issues, we assist in areas such as self-harm, neuropsychiatric functional impairments, abuse, criminality and substance abuse. We have around 60 active residential care homes and supported housing that can accommodate just over 500 clients in Sweden.

Family & Open Care

We offer interventions in family homes supported by contracted consultants, in treatment centres and in outpatient care for children and youths from families with difficult challenges and complex needs, or who have problems with criminality and substance abuse. We can accommodate just over 700 children and youths. There are also opportunities for adults in family homes.


Humana offers short-term and special service housing as well as residential care homes for adults in need of interventions in social psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, comorbidity, forensic psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. In all, we have around 30 units with room for just over 600 clients. We also offer housing for adolescents and adults with functional impairment along with occupational initiatives for adults covered by LSS (Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments). Sixteen of our housing units are run under contract and 26 under own management. In addition, we offer three day care operations.

Dynamic care for customised interventions

The type of support and how much support a person needs varies over time. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that Humana always offers flexibility to meet the client’s needs. This means that each person should receive the right treatment to the right extent at the right time. We call this Humana’s “dynamic care”. For example, an adolescent can be placed in a residential care home. When it is determined that they are ready, the next step can be a foster home or assisted living with more independence and support as needed.

Dynamic care’s purpose is to keep track of all support and make it possible for the client to move easily from one living situation to another as needs change. Humana’s size, extensive expertise and internal coordination allow us to customise interventions while while facilitating the planning process for Social services or other authorities.