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Everyone is entitled to a good life

The right to a good life is stipulated in Swedish law and in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is also a natural starting point for us at Humana and therefore we have chosen it as our vision.


We develop our services according to people's needs and the society's goals for healthcare and care. We are driven by the desire to give our customers and clients an increased quality of life and a satisfying everyday life. We want to create conditions for our customers and clients to realise their dreams. Our objective is for our customers and clients to be able to live a life like everyone else


  • We are proud to develop Nordic welfare. Good results are never a coincidence, they are the result of innovation, sustainability and commitment.
  • Commitment is to question everything we do today and to perform even a little bit better tomorrow.
  • We are a part of each other's work environment. We create conditions for each other, give feedback and strive for a better life for everyone who is part of our everyday life.
  • Thanks to the commitment of individual employees, we can solve the impossible. It happens quite often.


  • We are an important part of many people's everyday lives. We have received a great deal of trust from our customers and clients. We are proud of this and strive to manage and develop that trust in the best possible way.
  • We like what we do or work to change it. We complete the work started and provide feedback along the way. When something goes wrong – we know this happens – we take the consequences, learn our lesson and solve the problem.
  • Our leaders provide conditions for others to do a good job and lead by example. They stand behind their employees and guarantee good quality in everything we do.
  • We believe in delegated responsibility. We are therefore looking for employees who want to take responsibility and we expect them to make full use of that trust.


  • Joy is to be proud of your job, because what you do actually means something to someone else, maybe even the difference between having or not having a good life.
  • We believe in an unpretentious environment where we see, support and encourage each other. And where we enjoy laughing.
  • Joy is a choice that may require effort but is always worth the investment.

A sound corporate culture is a prerequisite

Our employees' great commitment to making a difference in our customers' and clients' everyday lives is what characterises Humana.

In order to continue to take initiatives to strengthen and develop the quality for our customers and clients, it is crucial to listen to our employees' views, thoughts and ideas.

If you work at Humana, you should feel involved, feel that you can influence decisions. We have a permissive culture where it is important that you want and dare to take responsibility. In the same way, management and managers must listen and act based on the views of the employees.

Although Humana is a major care provider, there is still a culture of entrepreneurship. Low prestige, lack of hierarchies and decision-making mandates at many levels in the organisation, are important parts of Humana's culture. Employees are encouraged to make decisions based on values and their own skills; to suggest improvements and be involved in the development that follows. These ideas are the fuel in our daily movement forward, to further improve operations in all areas.

Leading company

For the past ten years, Humana has gone from being a small, niche company in personal assistance, to today being an important Nordic care provider spanning three specialized areas. Today, Humana is a complete care company with individual and family care, personal assistance and elderly care. It is with great humbleness that we use the term ’leading company’, but nevertheless it is our ambition that Humana should be exactly that. Being a leader does not necessarily mean being the biggest. For us, leading mainly means being the one who leads the development by constantly being at the forefront, finding new ways and implementing good ideas in the daily business for the customers’ and clients’ best.

We understand the importance of proving our reason for being every day. As a large Nordic care provider, we have an important responsibility as a role model in the industry.