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Almost 15,000 employees work at Humana. Some of us work at one of Humana’s hundreds of units, while our personal assistants work wherever the customer is – at home, at work or out and about. The most common occupational categories at Humana are personal assistant, treatment assistant and nursing assistant. We also have nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists and other interesting positions. Altogether we have very broad and deep knowledge of care.

Humana’s ambition is to be the preferred choice for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in care and help other people have a good life. The number of people applying to Humana is increasing by the year. In 2019 we received 93,000 job applications.

Our policies for work environment, diversity and inclusion are treated as part of Humana’s sustainability policy. Group Management and specifically the Director of Human Resources are responsible for all HR-related matters. This responsibility is then delegated to the respective operational managers. The Director of Quality and the quality function are responsible for Humana Academy, which is Humana’s own training organisation, and most of the Group’s continuing professional development.

Rewarding career path

The care industry has a bright future, and Humana as well as the entire industry are always in urgent need of new employees. Recruitment is crucial for being a successful quality care provider, and Humana really strives to have the right person in the right place. Those who work in the care profession make a real difference for others, every day. Contributing and growing both professionally and individually are what employees appreciate most about Humana.

Moving ahead with Humana Academy

Through Humana Academy, our employees have access to quality-assured professional development in areas such as the work environment, customer interaction, quality, leadership and legislation. Around 40 of the courses are web-based and can be taken according to need and individual planning. In addition, instructor-led courses and workshops are offered for specific subject areas and roles. All employees can sharpen their skills since every course is available to everyone. Humana Academy is used extensively.

Internal mobility

Humana believes in internal mobility, both within and between our business areas and countries. By facilitating and encouraging development and career paths within Humana, we are also able to retain our talented employees for long periods of time.

Humana boosts leadership

Good managers are central to employee well-being and a prerequisite for doing a good job and thus for Humana’s success. Humana seeks managers who can lead both people and operations. The employees give Humana’s leaders high marks in our employee surveys. In 2019 Humana started an initiative to further strengthen leadership in the company. The initiative, called the Leadership Boost, is focused on three areas: attracting and recruiting leaders; evaluating, developing and retaining the top leaders; and supporting managers in their everyday work. In addition, a Group-wide leadership programme was launched. The programme is a long-term initiative aimed at equipping Humana’s managers to deliver on our targets, strengthening unity in the Group, encouraging managers to stay longer, securing leadership succession, and, not least, creating good conditions for all employees. In addition to the new leadership programme, Humana offers introductions for new managers, a web-based management school and mentorship programmes as needed. 

A Humana for everyone

Humana works actively to promote gender equality and diversity, and to prevent harassment, workplace bullying and discrimination.

A pleasant work environment

Humana takes systematic steps to offer a secure and pleasant work environment. These efforts are based on the Group’s occupational health and safety policy and are handled within the respective operations. Our active core value
efforts contribute to developing the work environment, among other things with the help of our core value leaders and by featuring Humana’s values as a standing item on the agenda of workplace meetings. Our workplaces are adapted for employees and visitors with functional impairments. In addition to providing room for differences in our physical work environment, we also promote the social work environment through a good atmosphere and teamwork. Good physical, mental and social work environment leads, among other things, to a high level of healthy presence.

Employee views of Humana

Humana’s annual employee survey shows that all efforts to create a welcoming atmosphere and good work environment pay off and are appreciated. 

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