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Personal assistance is a service within the framework for LSS, the Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments. It gives many people the opportunity to live an independent life and to participate in society, including through work.

Personal assistance is a customer-choice market, where the customer decides who will provide the assistance. Roughly 19,000 people in Sweden are entitled to receive personal assistance. 1,900 of them chose Humana as the provider. This makes us Sweden's largest assistance coordinator, with operations across the country.

Humana provides individualised assistance. Our specialist expertise in recruitment and law is reassuring to the customers and gives the best prospects for receiving the correct number of assistance hours, carried out by a competent team. Besides assistants, the team includes a customer and assistant manager who coordinates all aspects related to the customer’s needs, preferences, finances, recruitment and assistants. A lawyer who specialises in LSS and personal assistance and a recruitment expert are also included on the team.