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The objective of Humana’s corporate governance is to establish efficient procedures and effective control, ensuring that shareholders’ interests are protected and promoting a sustainable and value-creating business in which Humana can continue to deliver quality care in the long term.

Corporate governance sets out how rights and obligations are allocated among the company’s bodies, in accordance with applicable laws, rules and internal processes. Corporate governance also identifies systems for decision-making and the structure via which the owners directly or indirectly control the company. Sound governance generates values that benefit all the company’s stakeholders.

Humana is a Swedish public limited company listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange.

Humana is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and complies with Nasdaq Stockholm’s rules for issuers and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“The Code”).

Information about the code and the Swedish model for corporate governance can be found on the Swedish Corporate Governance Board's website. The Code applies to all Swedish companies whose shares are registered to trade on a regulated market in Sweden, and must be applied in full from the date of the first AGM in the year following the listing. The company is not obliged to apply every rule contained in the Code, but is permitted to choose alternative solutions that the company deems appropriate to its particular circumstances. This is provided that Humana reports each deviation, describes the alternative solution and explains the reason for the deviation in its annual corporate governance report (comply or explain approach).