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Humana’s vision and overall objective deal with sustainability at an individual and societal level. Sustainability is therefore integrated into our strategy. Humana has defined four strategic target areas that, together with our core values, steer our business towards the vision that everyone is entitled to a good life.

Quality operations

High quality is central to Humana’s strategy and operations. It is only when customers, clients and contractors feel that our care services are of a high standard that we are getting closer to our vision “Everyone is entitled to a good life”. We monitor Humana’s progress towards delivering high-quality care in all operational areas through internal and external surveys. In addition to the opinions of customers, clients and family members, definite quality criteria are included in our own control model for quality assurance – the Humana Quality Model.

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Attractive employer

Delivering high quality to customers and ­clients requires knowledgeable and dedicated employees. In order to attract the best employees, attractiveness as an employer is crucial. Humana wants to be the first choice for anyone who works in care and strives to offer all employees a good working environment, good leadership and exciting career development opportunities.

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Profitable growth

Humana is a growth company with a focus on profitability. By strengthening our position in the care market, we can over time get more customers and thus help more people to a good life. Humana is steered by clear financial goals. To achieve sustainability as a company, we grow with quality and profitability. Being a shareholder in Humana is investing in high-quality care and in a responsible provider in Nordic welfare.

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Responsible provider

Humana adds important values to society through our core business, but we also take responsibility beyond that. Humana wants to contribute to sustainable welfare and a healthy economy. We share our knowledge and experience to contribute to development and improved quality in the care industry. We demonstrate that high-quality care can be combined with sound public finances. Humana also works to promote diversity and inclusivity. In addition, Humana takes responsibility by decreasing the environmental impact of our own operations.

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Core values and coroprate culture

Humana’s core values form the foundation for our four strategic target areas and they are one of the Group’s most important assets. The key words are commitment, happiness and responsibility. Humana’s operations are strictly regulated, but regulations cannot solve everything. That is why it is important for our employees to be able to take responsibility and make decisions based on their own knowledge and skills, and core values. Our core values affect everything from employment procedures and training to our view of participation in the workplace. It is mainly the commitment, sense of responsibility and our employees that make Humana a leading care provider.

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