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  • 2001: Humana was founded. The name of the company is by then Assistansia and the business concept is to providing high-quality personal assistance services. Humana grows rapidly and becomes one of the first major private assistance companies
  • 2008: Argan Capital becomes the majority shareholder in Humana.
    Thereafter, Humana continues to grow within personal assistance, while also expanding its operations to include individual and family care, elderly housing, and special service housing for individuals with functional impairments. The expansion takes place both organically and through acquisitions.
  • 2010: Humana expands its operations to also include elderly care through the acquisition of Avesina Äldreomsorg.
  • 2011: Humana expands its operations to also include individual and family care through the acquisition of Baggium Vård och Behandling.
  • 2011: The Group launches the joint name Humana.
  • 2014: Humana establishes itself in Norway through the acquisition of INOM – Innovativ Omsorg i Norden AB.
  • 2016: In March, Humana is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm.
  • 2016: Humana establishes itself in Finland through the acquisition of Arjessa Oy. The acquisition gives Humana a strong position within the Finnish care market.
  • 2016: Humana strengthens its presence in Norway through the acquisition of the KOA-Group.
  • 2018: Humana establishes itself in Denmark through the acquisition of StøtteCompagniet Aps, a small outpatient care operation within individual and family care.
  • 2019: The investment company Impilo Care AB becomes Humana's new principal shareholder.
  • 2019: Humana strengthens its presence in Finland through the acquisition of the care company Coronaria Hoiva Oy. Beside the individual and family care segment Humana now also runs operations within elderly care in Finland. 
  • In addition to the major strategic acquisitions, over the years Humana acquires a large number of smaller companies. These acquisitions also contribute to the fact that Humana today possesses a very broad and high level of competence within care services and today offers a wide range of high-quality care services. The acquired operations have often had a long history in their niche and many of them has been delivering high-quality care services for many years, some for more than 40 years, and thus have already built up a good reputation before becoming part of Humana.
  • Although Humana has made many acquisitions over the years, all of Humana's operations, irrespective of segment, are characterised by a strong focus on organic growth through the establishment of  new operations in full responsibility homes and based on freedom of customer choice.