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Humana’s vision is ultimately about sustainability at the individual level in our society. Our objective, where Humana has a significant role in the execution and development of Nordic care, presupposes sustainability. For that reason, sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. It permeates both our four strategic target areas and our core values – the cornerstones of our strategy.

Humana exists and acts based on the conviction that everyone is entitled to a good life, and this is also our vision. Humana’s overarching goal is to be the Nordic region’s provider of choice for care services among customers, clients and contractors with high quality standards. We can achieve this only if we are efficient and maintain high quality, so that we provide more and better services for the taxpayer’s money every day.

Our core business in care is inherently socially and economically sustainable for individuals and society. As a socially responsible provider Humana also strives to be environmental sustainable. Sustainability is therefore integrated into our strategy and all our processes through our four strategic target areas and our core values. In all these areas, we have clear goals to support our sustainability initiatives.

High quality services

High quality is decisive for our customers, clients and contractors, and therefore also for Humana’s operations. Because quality is defined by the individual’s own experience, our solutions must be unique and adapted to individual needs. We have our own control model for quality assurance – the Humana Quality Model.

Attractive employer

Humana aims to be an attractive employer and the first choice for anyone who wants to work with care. We believe that some of the most important jobs are in welfare and we want to help increase interest in working in the care sector. We foster an inclusive corporate culture, strong leadership and a healthy and happy working environment. By offering meaningful jobs and good career development, we attract and retain the right employees.

Profitable growth

Humana is a company with a focus on longterm, sustained growth. We are growing with quality and profitability. Organic growth will be attained by starting up new operations, gaining market share, and both broadening and deepening the content of our services. In addition, we continuously evaluate opportunities for acquisitions. If we continue to strengthen our position in the care market, we can help more people in the long run.

Socially responsible provider

Humana is a modern care company and an important part of the Nordic welfare system today. With this role comes responsibility. Our foremost task is to make life better for our customers and clients by being a good employer. Furthermore, we want to contribute to a sustainable society by spreading knowledge and sharing experience from our areas of operation, exerting an influence in key industry issues and acting as an engine for diversity and inclusion. Finally, we also aim to help reduce environmental impact.

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