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We welcome Familjestödsgruppen to Humana

2016-01-04 12:00

Humana, the market leader in personal assistance and individual and family care, with businesses in the group home, elderly care and preschool/school/short term housing for children with multiple disabilities segments, acquires Familjestödsgruppen i Stockholm AB (FSG).

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FSG’s business, which is now being acquired, has temporary foster homes, foster homes, family supported housing and training flats and provides outpatient care in the Stockholm area. Foster home care is supported by advisers. The target group is children and adolescents ages 12-21, and also cases where the child needs placement with guardians. For unaccompanied refugee children, FSG has developed a type of housing called inclusion homes. FSG, which was founded in 2005, is an important part of Humana’s commitment to foster homes and complements Humana’s offering in the Stockholm area.

The takeover applies immediately and entails no changes to operations, management or staff.

“We welcome FSG as a new member of the Humana family,” says Claus Forum, Business Area Manager, Individual and Family. “We look forward to working with FSG to further develop our foster home and outpatient care businesses. We share the same core values ​​and a common vision of how a good, expansive healthcare business should be run, which is a unifying factor at Humana Individual and Family.”