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Humana Omsorg to operate group home in Örebro

2015-04-20 12:00

The group home for people with disabilities at Landbotorpsallén 3 in Örebro will be operated by Humana Omsorg AB as of October 2015. The decision, which was made by the Social Welfare Committee on 9 April, will not entail any noticeable difference for residents, and the staff will be offered employment by Humana Omsorg AB.

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The home is what is referred to as LSS (Act Concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments) assisted living and has six apartments for adults. The Social Welfare Committee has decided that Humana will operate the group home for three years with an option to extend the contract for a further six years. The contract was awarded in a quality-based selection procedure. This means that the municipality sets a fixed price and the party offering the best quality is awarded the contract.

The takeover will be conducted in close collaborative planning with the municipality and union parties. Humana will begin the process of immediately informing the residents, relatives and staff as soon as the award decision becomes final.

“It is a particular pleasure and honour to be entrusted with the operation of an LSS assisted living facility in a tendering procedure where the focus was on quality. Humana meets the municipality's high standards and I am confident that we will be able to provide good care,” says Eva-Lotta Sandberg, Business Area Manager at Humana.

“Humana is already one of the largest private employers in Örebro, particularly in personal assistance, and we look forward to expanding our operations here.

We want to do well for the people who use our services, for our employees and for the municipality. We want to continue to be an important part of Örebro’s development,” concludes Eva-Lotta Sandberg.

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