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Humana further invests in customer selection market

2013-04-08 12:00

Humana has acquired Carema’s home care operation and thereby continues to develop its offering in elderly care. Effective 1 June, Humana’s care operations will be strengthened through the addition of 1,300 new employees in 14 municipalities.

The home care operations will be run going forward with an emphasis on continuity, customer focus, and quality service and execution.

“Home care is a central part of elderly care, and we want to play a role in further developing this important service,” comments Per Granath, President and CEO of Humana. “Demand will be rising, as most of us want to live at home as long as possible – at the same time that we are living longer. Humana has become a leader in personal assistance as a result of our focus on the individual. We are accustomed to working with people in their home environments and based on every individual’s personal preferences and conditions.”

Carema and Humana will work together to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for municipalities, customers and employees. The takeover is contingent upon approval from the pertinent municipalities and the Competition Authority.

“All employees in Carema’s home care operations will be offered continued employment with Humana,” says Per Granath. “We know how important it is that customers feel continuity and security – what’s most important is to see the same faces as before. Our ambition is to offer the best home care services in Sweden, and we are looking forward to getting to know our customers and employees, and to working in close collaboration with them.”

The acquisition is an important part in the build-up of Humana’s care operations, which started three years ago, and confirms Humana’s long-term ambition to be a quality provider in the care market.

Brief facts:

Following the takeover, Humana will have approximately 9,000 employees and more than SEK 3 billion in annual sales. Humana currently operates home care services also in Kungälv, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Laholm, Båstad and Vellinge.

For further information, please contact Humana:

Per Granath, +46-70-637 40 18, CEO Humana
Johan Åsbrink, +46-70-972 00 78, Head of Care Business Area