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On 15 June 2021, a young boy disappeared from one of Humana's residential care homes in Hagfors, Sweden, and was later found drowned. The accident is a tragedy and our thoughts are with the boy, his parents, and relatives. Humana takes what happened very seriously. Our focus is and should always be to provide children in our care with a safe and secure environment. On Tuesday, July 6, Humana submitted a Lex Sarah investigation with regards to the accident to The Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate, IVO. 

In short

  • On Tuesday 15 June, a five-year-old boy disappeared from the residential care home (called HVB in Swedish) Prästgården in Hagfors, Sweden. Emergency services and police were alerted shortly before 07:00 CET. After a few hours, the boy was found drowned in a nearby stream and confirmed deceased at the hospital.
  • The residential care home Prästgården is a unit within Platea in Hagfors, Sweden. Platea is part of the Humana group.
  • Humana has launched its own Lex Sarah investigation, the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate (IVO) is investigating and prosecutors have opened a preliminary investigation into involuntary manslaughter.
  • On Friday 18 June, IVO decided to temporarily ban operations at Platea's two HVB homes in Hagfors, Prästgården and Södra Villan, while IVO's investigation is ongoing. IVO has decided that the remaining children must be relocated by 24 June.
  • As from Thursday 24 June at 15.00 CET, Platea's two care homes, Prästgården and Södra villan, are closed.
  • On Tuesday, 6 July, Humana submitted the Lex Sarah investigation to IVO. The investigation shows that shortcomings in the operations have probably contributed to the tragic course of events. Humana has therefore decided to close down Platea's HVB operations Prästgården and Södra villan with immediate effect, and to further develop and sharpen the follow-up of the Group's systematic quality work.

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