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Efforts to improve mental health

As the leading Nordic provider of care for individuals and families, Humana focuses on providing care and treat­ment in psychosocial change and social psychiatry to families and indi­viduals. Our services promote mental health and well­being. We often help individuals that find themselves on the fringes of society to re­ enter and become part of it again, which is good for them, their loved ones and the community.

Shared knowledge

By providing contractors and other stakeholders access to Humana’s com­prehensive knowledge, we strengthen collective knowledge about care and social work. Our aim is to inspire and help improve the quality of the entire care industry. In 2021, we gave 90 digital webinars that attracted more than 6,000 participants. Since 2021, we have also published a magazine called Humant that spreads knowledge about our business areas in Sweden.