Presentation of Humana’s quality report: Quality that makes a difference!

2017-04-26 09:30

Humana’s second quality report is being presented in order to openly and transparently share what we do to develop and strengthen the company, its employees and the organisation. 

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Humana’s goal is to be the obvious choice for those who demand high quality. We work continuously and systematically with quality assurance so we can live up to our own high expectations as well as those of clients and employees.

In the quality report, we present statistics from internal controls and customer surveys, and highlight how our quality assurance works in practice by showing examples. But – figures and surveys don’t tell the whole story. In the end, the best proof that we deliver high quality is when our customers and employees are so satisfied that they recommend us to others.

“Humana’s efforts bear out our motto that everyone is entitled to a good life. To succeed at this, we need to focus on quality in everything we do. One of our key target areas is qualitative operations. We want to drive developments in the industry to ensure high quality in all the services we deliver,” said Eva Nilsson Bågenholm, quality assurance director at Humana.

“In 2016, the political debate centred around profits in the welfare system. At Humana, we believe that what’s missing is the more crucial discussions and initiatives on quality in the welfare system. Our customers and clients are entitled to high quality, efficiency and accountability regardless of who performs the care. We want both municipalities and county councils to place high quality and efficiency requirements on all providers, including their own,” said Rasmus Nerman, CEO of Humana.

Nearly all areas of the welfare system lack comprehensive national models for comparing quality, making it difficult to gain an insight into different operations, both public and private. Humana is therefore working together with other providers to improve quality across the care sector. Producing a quality report alongside the annual report is a way of emphasising quality issues.

Humana är ett ledande nordiskt omsorgsföretag som erbjuder tjänster inom individ- och familjeomsorg, personlig assistans, äldreomsorg och bostäder med särskild service enligt LSS. Humana har cirka 16 000 engagerade medarbetare i Sverige, Norge och Finland som utför omsorgstjänster till över 9 000 människor. Vi arbetar efter visionen ”Alla har rätt till ett bra liv”. 2016 uppgick rörelseintäkterna till 6 362 MSEK. Humana är börsnoterat på Nasdaq Stockholm sedan 2016 och har huvudkontor i Stockholm.