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Humana acquires Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling AB

2017-01-17 09:00

Humana, the market leader in individual and family care and personal assistance, with elderly care and special service housing in accordance with LSS, acquires Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling AB. The acquisition means that Humana strengthens its position within Individual & Family in the North, where Humana already operates Boromir HVB (Älvsbyn) as well as foster homes and outpatient care.

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Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling operates supported accommodation at Fyren and a residential care home at Lotsen HVB. The target group is boys 14-18 years with psychosocial and neuropsychiatric problems (ADHD). The boys may also have problems with incipient drug abuse and criminality.

Together with Humana foster homes and outpatient care in the northern region we will increase our ability to perform customized dynamic care regionally. The acquisition also means greater possibilities for Humana to receive and treat young boys with incipient drug abuse.

Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling, started in 2013, has 8 places in residential home care and 15 places in supported accommodation, just over 10 employees and sales of about 12 million SEK. The acquisition is effective as of now and will not influence the daily operations. Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling and Humana share common values and an understanding of how to conduct and develop daily operations.

- It feels great becoming a part of Humana, and that we, as part of something bigger, get potentially new possibilities to realise our ideas, says Michael Rönningsen, owner and operations manager at Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling.

- We look forward to working with Skellefteå Stöd & Behandling to further develop our qualitative operations in northern Sweden. We share common values and have a mutual understanding of how good care operations should be conducted, something that unites all of us at Humana Individual & Family, says Claus Forum, Business Area Manager. - We welcome Fyren and Lotsen to Humana.

For more information, please contact;

Claus Forum, Humana Individual & Family, tel. 070-514 39 55.


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