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Acquisition of Pienryhmäkoti Puolenhehtaarin Metsä Oy strengthens individual and family care for Arjessa, Humana’s Finnish operations.

2016-12-22 09:24

Arjessa, one of Finland’s leading providers of individual and family care, has acquired Pienryhmäkoti Puolenhehtaarin Metsä Oy (PHM), which operates in the Uusimaa or Nyland region, through an agreement signed on 21 December 2016. Pienryhmäkoti Puolenhehtaarin Metsä offers psychosocial care and treatment for children and youth. The company has a unit in Nummela, Vihti, and a unit in Muijala, Lohja. Puolenhehtaarin Metsä started operating in 2008.

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This acquisition strengthens the position of Arjessa as a national care provider and expert within the field, and complements its range within individual and family care, particularly in the important region Uusima/Nyland. This change of ownership has no impact on the customers, management or personnel of Puolenhehtaarin Metsä, whose operations will continue as normal.

“We are happy to incorporate Pienryhmäkoti Puolenhehtaarin Metsä into the Arjessa Group. Puolenhehtaarin Metsä is a company with a very good reputation, and we are impressed by its high-quality operations based on individual customer needs. We feel that it is a natural addition to the Arjessa group,” says Pasi Kohtala, managing director of Arjessa.

“We are very satisfied over this agreement and look forward to continuing the valuable work of Pienryhmäkoti Puolenhehtaarin Metsä. The set of values we share with Arjessa lay a firm foundation for long-term and high-quality services. We have a shared vision to develop the operations of Puolenhehtaarin Metsä, also in the future,” says Terhi Blomberg, operations manager of Pienryhmäkoti Puolenhehtaarin Metsä.

The Arjessa group with approximately 800 employees is one of the leading providers in Finland within individual- and family care. Arjessa is a part of Humana since 2016 and comprises Humana’s Finnish operations. Read more on

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