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Staffanstorp Municipality chooses Humana Omsorg to operate elderly care

2012-01-27 12:00

Humana Omsorg, part of the Humana Group, has been awarded a contract to operate the Pilegården and Pilevallen elderly care facilities in Staffanstorp. Since 2008 Humana has served as contractor for Staffanstorp Municipality’s personal assistance operation and has to date been operating elderly care and LSS assisted living facilities in southern Sweden.

Humana Omsorg has been awarded a contract to operate an elderly care facility, Pilegården, with 32 spots, and the Pilevallen day care facility, with up to eight spots per day. This was the result of Staffanstorp Municipality’s public procurement process. Takeover of the operations is expected to take place on 1 May 2012.

“We look forward to operating Pilegården and the day care facilities in Staffanstorp. Winning a bid with such a clear quality focus is both stimulating and exciting.”

Humana Omsorg was judged to have submitted the overall best tender with “a high level of ambition regarding organisation of the work at the facilities, the competency requirements and the competence development opportunities for all employees, and quality assurance work…” according to Staffantorp Municipality’s own motivating statement. The takeover will take place in close coordination with the municipality and the union representatives. Humana Omsorg will initiate its work at by immediately informing the residents, their families and personnel, as soon as the contract award has taken force, which normally takes ten days.

“We want to give everyone an opportunity to meet the management at Humana Omsorg and explain how the takeover of the facilities in Staffanstorp will take place in a secure and respectful manner for everyone concerned.”

For further information, please contact:
Johan Åsbrink, President, Humana Omsorg AB
tel. +46-709-720078