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Sundbyberg chooses Humana Omsorg to operate Ekbaken Building H

2011-12-16 12:00

Humana Omsorg, part of the Humana Group, was notified today about a contract award to operate the nursing home at Ekbacken Building H in Sundbyberg, effective 1 April 2012. Ekbacken Building H has 89 apartments – 65 for residents with dementia, 11 short-term apartments, and 13 hospice spots.

“It is gratifying and an honour to be entrusted with operating Ekback Building H, and above all that we were awarded this contract thanks to our focus on quality and our focus on activities for the residents,” comments Johan Åsbrink, President of Humana Omsorg. “Our ambition is to offer our customers the best quality of care and give them greater opportunities to influence their everyday lives.”

Human Omsorg received the top score in the evaluation performed by the city of Sundbyberg in its procurement process and won on the basis of quality. Ekbacken Building H is currently operated by Attendo. Humana will initiate its work at Ekbacken Building H by informing the residents, their families and personnel as soon as possible.

“We want to give everyone an opportunity to meet the management at Humana Omsorg and explain how the takeover of Ekbacken Building H will take place in a secure and respectful manner for everyone concerned,” adds Johan Åsbrink.

For further information, please contact:
Johan Åsbrink, President, Humana Omsorg AB
tel. +46-709-720078