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Per Granath elected as new board member for the Association of Private Care Providers

2011-05-05 12:00

At the most recent annual meeting of the Association of Private Care Providers, Per Granath, President and CEO of Humana, was elected as a board member for the Association of Private Care Providers – Almega (Vårdföretagarna Almega).

The Humana Group was previously represented in the personal assistance segment on the Association of Private Care Providers’ board by Zeinab Daugaard, who is a member of Humana’s Group Management.

The Association of Private Care Providers is an association for private care providers in Sweden, regardless of the form of operation. Its membership is made up of more than 2,000 companies with more than 62,000 full-time equivalent employees. The Association is committed to promoting freedom of choice and diversity in the care and nursing sector and to demonstrating to the public the importance of the private care sector. The Association is part of the Almega employer and trade organisation and is a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Per Granath, President and CEO of Humana AB, explains his involvement in the new assignment:

“It feels stimulating to have this opportunity to contribute to the industry’s ongoing development,” he says. “Humana is today one of the leading private care and nursing companies in Sweden, and we are one of the largest members of the Association of Private Care Providers. So it feels natural for us to now step forward and take part in the shared responsibility for advancing the positions of private entrepreneurship in the industry. Most people agree today that private companies create enhanced societal benefit by delivering more and better care and nursing services for the same amount of money as the state-operated care providers. But we are only at the beginning of our development, and the greatest gains are yet to be accomplished.

“Humana has established a reputation during the last 10 years as an operator that focuses on creating better quality of life for its customers,” Per Granath continues. “Through our involvement in the Association of Private Care Providers we hope to stimulate greater interest in what care and nursing are all about – i.e., creating the best possible quality of life for as many people as possible. Freedom of choice is fundamental for the realisation of this goal, and my hopes are that we will eventually come to a point where everyone in need of care and nursing in all areas will have the opportunity to choose a private alternative if they so desire.”