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Humana Individual & Family acquires Vassbo Behandlingshem outside of Uddevalla

2011-11-28 12:00

Humana will take over the operations of Vassbo Behandlingshem outside of Uddevalla through Baggium Vård & Behandling’s management. Vassbo, which has five treatment spots and three halfway spots, has successfully operated a treatment home and school since 1995. Humana’s acquisition and start of operations takes immediate effect in November.

Vassbo Behandlingshem and the associated school are operated on a farm ten km south of Uddevalla and 70 km north of Gothenburg. Treatment is based on psychodynamic and environmental therapy basic methodologies, with strong focus on networking. The centre’s own school, grades 4-9 with certified teachers, is adjacent to the treatment home. The school works mainly with core subjects, with strong emphasis also on creative activities such as drawing and design, music, sewing and woodworking.

The target group is boys aged 10-20 with psychosocial problems. The home and school currently employ 19 persons. Vassbo has all of Sweden as its catchment area, although most placements are from western Götaland.

“We welcome Vassbo Behandlingshem and its staff to the Humana family and to our joint ambition to help everyone in their right to a good life,” says Claus Forum, President of Baggium Vård & Behandling and head of Humana’s Individual & Family business area.

For further information, please contact:
Stefan Paparo, Coordinator, Baggium
tel.: +46-70-896 90 88

Claus Forum, President, Baggium
tel.: +46-70-514 39 55