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Humana acquires Baggium Vård & Behandling

2011-06-07 12:00

Humana AB, the market leader in personal assistance and with operations in LSS assisted living and elderly care, is acquiring Baggium Vård & Behandling. Through the acquisition, Humana gains an entire chain of youth care services including special care homes (“HVB”) for youths, counsellor-supported family homes, outpatient care, aftercare, psychological services and resource schools. Baggium Vård & Behandling, one of the leading companies in its field, has annual sales of SEK 130 M, with ten special care homes and five resource schools in western and southern Sweden.

Up until Humana’s acquisition, Baggium Vård & Behandling was part of the Baggium Group and a sister company of Baggium Utbildning, a leader in practical vocational education in Sweden. As a result of a decision by Baggium’s board to focus the company’s strategic development on the educational sector, Humana has gained the opportunity to acquire Baggium Vård & Behandling, which was established in 1992 and was the origin to the Baggium Group.

“We are happy to now have Baggium Vård & Behandling as part of the Humana family,” says Per Granath, President and CEO of Humana. “Baggium Vård & Behandling is a very well managed and competent company, and the Baggium brand is well known and respected as a leading, high-quality provider of care among other things for refugee children who are unaccompanied by parents. Baggium Vård & Behandling has the right resources and competence to meet the needs of its target group and provide the best solution for each individual child. We look forward to working together with the company’s president, Claus Forum, and his management team on further developing the operations.”

Claus Forum, President of Baggium Vård & Behandling and an employee of the Baggium Group since 1998, comments:

“I am certain that all of us at Baggium Vård & Behandling AB (BVB) face a bright and professionally exciting future. As our new owner, Humana gives us a solid foundation to stand on for the future. In our ambition to develop BVB in terms of content, capacity and geography, quality is and will continue to be the decisive factor. Quality, in turn, requires resources. As part of Humana, which is a resourceful owner with extensive knowledge about our area of operation, we will have the right conditions to develop further.”

Humana will take over as the new owner of Baggium Vård & Behandling on 30 June 2011.

For further information, please contact:
Per Granath, President and CEO
tel. +46-70-6374018

The Humana Group works with care and nursing services in the Swedish market. Our work is grounded in the principle that everyone has the right to a good life. Humana comprises, since previously, the companies Assistansia, Din Assistans, My Life, Amanda and Blåvingen, which work with personal assistance for individuals with functional disabilities, and Humana Omsorg, with services in elderly care and LSS assisted living. The Humana Group had sales of SEK 2.1 bn in 2010 and more than 7,000 full- and part-time employees.