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The Code of Conduct and our values are key tools in helping us to live and work in accordance with our wishes and plans. It will be reflected in all our work and be based on Humana’s core values, which defend the equal value of all people. As a company we have identified three words reflecting our Values: Commitment, Joy and Responsibility. These are great words in themselves, but how we, in reality, live up to them through our behaviour matters most.

Humana’s responsibility applies in relation to all employees, customers, clients, patients, relatives, buyers, suppliers, investors and other partners.

We aim to continually improve to promote sustainable, ethical and responsible development.

Humana’s relationships

1. Humana’s relationship with employees

1.1. Human rights

Humana fosters long-term, sustainable relationships with each of its employees and believes in mutual respect between all of the Group’s employees.
We have operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and comply with the laws and regulations of each country. This means that we adhere to the relevant statutes and other regulations, such as those relating to working conditions, work environment and freedom of association. We apply collective agreements in our operations.

All employees must be treated with respect and dignity. Nobody may be discriminated against or harassed on the grounds of:

  • gender
  • transgender identity or expression
  • ethnicity
  • religion or other belief system
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • age

Equal treatment is thus a natural approach and we endeavour to achieve a diverse workforce. Harassment, bullying, threats, repression or other discriminatory treatment will not be accepted at Humana. No employee shall either be discriminated against on the grounds of their political affiliation. There are however expressions of political and religious nature which are not in accordance with the core values of Humana.

Humana aims to create an environment in which employees participate and have opportunities to exert an influence on the business and its work. We will apply a democratic approach in issues relating to employees’ opportunities to influence and we will ensure that differing views are respected.

1.2. Safe and healthy work environment

Our work environment will be safe and healthy from a physical, mental and social perspective. It will comply with the relevant legislation and our agreements. We work systematically and preventively to continually improve our work environment and health.

Humana will have qualified leaders who are able to create a good work environment that provides job satisfaction and wellbeing for our employees. We will also offer opportunities for professional development, and our employment terms will be consistent with the market and abide by collective agreements.

Humana has no political affiliation and never lends its name to political parties.

All employees are able to report irregularities via a whistleblower function. This means that an employee can report something anonymously and that an independent individual will investigate the case. If an employee reports an irregularity they are automatically awarded protection from reprisals in accordance with the Swedish Act on special protection for workers against reprisals for whistleblowing concerning serious irregularities (2016:749), or according to other applicable laws in the country of operations.

2. Humana’s responsibility in external relationships

2.1. We will comply with laws and regulations

Humana will comply with statues, that is laws and regulations, in the countries in which we operate. We regard these statutes, laws and regulations as minimum requirements.

2.2. Relationships with buyers, suppliers and other stakeholders

Humana’s operations will be characterised by high ethical standards, sound business practice, awareness of our responsibilities and impartiality. We will abide by the contracts and agreements we have signed. They will be respected according to their essence and not solely their literal meaning.

We will treat our competitors correctly, while at the same time utilising our competitive advantages. Practices such as price fixing, forming cartels or abusing market position are not permitted.

Employees must never use bribery or unlawful compensation in any form. Every employee must at all times avoid risks of corruption and other inappropriate influence in their relationships with customers, suppliers and other external contacts. It is not permitted to request or promise something in connection with gifts.

Hospitality and gifts must be open, moderate and have a clear link to the business relationship.

2.3. Conflicts of interest

It is important for all employees to handle personal and financial interests in a way that is not contrary to Humana’s business operations. Every employee is obliged to: 

  • Inform their manager if they have another business or sideline that may constitute a risk of a conflict of interest;
  • Handle personal and financial interests in a way that is not contrary to, or may not be perceived to be contrary to Humana’s business operations; and
  • Report to their manager any relationship with an external party that constitutes a conflict of interest, for example, if an employee is friends with a potential supplier. Then the process must be adjusted to take the potential conflict of interest into account.

Employees may not use relationships with business partners for their own gain. Business partners may, for example, include customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

2.4. Information and transparency

Humana must comply with current legislation regarding confidentiality. This includes all sensitive and confidential information about Humana’s customers, clients and employees. It also includes all other business-related and price-sensitive information.

We will treat registration, filing and use of data about customers, clients and employees as confidential and in accordance with current legislation.
Information from Humana will be open and accessible, within the rules that apply for listed companies. Marketing and contact with customers and clients will be honest and not make unreasonable promises.

Humana’s goals

Humana is a reliable, safe and stable social care company. We always work to ensure high quality and security and these aspects characterise all our operations, from our actions and ownership to development and customer relationships. Our sustainability work is a natural element of operations and a prerequisite for achieving our goals as accountable social operators.

1. Sustainability is about taking social responsibility

Sustainable development is about taking social responsibility. That is why we are committed to being a responsible employer that takes action to improve gender equality and diversity. In Sweden, Humana annually highlights pressing issues via its Accessibility and Children’s Barometers.

Humana’s work is also inherently about social responsibility. We aim to be a modern care company and an important part of Nordic welfare. We will share knowledge and raise awareness, exert our influence regarding issues of concern to our sector and encourage diversity, gender equality and inclusion.

2. Sustainability is about taking responsibility for the environment

Humana will contribute towards ecological sustainable development. We identify which areas within our operations that affect the environment, work actively and systematically to reduce negative environmental impact, based on our Environmental Policy. We always endeavour to use resources as wisely and efficiently as possible.

3. Sustainability is about taking economic responsibility

Sustainability is also about finances. Our long-term strategy needs to match the Group’s sense of responsibility to both its customers and shareholders. This will boost customer satisfaction as well as profitability.

We follow up our work

We follow up our efforts to ensure that we are genuinely working according to our “Code of Conduct and our Values” by:

  • Monitoring the number of employees who complete the obligatory course at Humana Academy.
  • Carrying out random checks in operations via customary internal control.
  • Keeping track of the number of reported and rectified serious irregularities via the whistleblower function.

Everyone has a shared responsibility

1. Everyone at Humana has a shared responsibility

Everyone has a shared responsibility. Employees, managers and the Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that this Code of Conduct does not only exist, but that it is complied with.

Every employee at Humana is responsible for following the Code of Conduct. On appointment, every new employee affirms that they have read and will follow the Code of Conduct.

Managers in Humana’s various divisions are responsible for implementing the Code of Conduct. They are also responsible for ensuring that all employees complete a compulsory introduction programme at Humana Academy. Through the courses they will be informed about the Code of Conduct as well as about Humana’s core values.

Humana AB’s CEO is the owner of this document and is responsible for the Code of Conduct, which is regularly revised and adopted by the Board of Directors at least once a year.

2. Questions and consequences

Employees who are unclear about how to interpret Humana’s “Code of Conduct and our Values” are invited to contact the Group’s Director of Quality Assurance for help and guidance.

Breaches of this policy must be reported to Humana’s Director of Quality Assurance. Employees can report serious irregularities via Humana’s whistleblower function(Swedish), which can be accessed at

We do not accept any behaviour that is in breach of our Code of Conduct. Such behaviour may result in disciplinary action, which may also involve legal consequences and a police report.